About the Conference

We are honored to invite you to the annual conference “Children’s Literature: Present Quandaries and Future Challenges” to be held on Tuesday, 10 May 2022, from 09: 00 to 14: 00. The conference will be hosted by The Faculty of Humanities in collaboration with the Department of Early Childhood at Al-Qasmi Academy, and it will discuss topics dealing with literary, educational, and religious contexts within the national and transnational fields in three languages: Arabic, Hebrew, and English.

Your presence will be highly appreciated.

Important Deadlines

  • Abstracts should be no more than 250 words and may be submitted in Arabic, Hebrew, or English, by 28.02.2022
  • Responses of accepted abstracts will be sent out by 10.03.2022
  • The conference will be held on 10.05.2022

After the conference, the advisory committee will meet to review all relevant material eligible for publication in the conference proceedings or in the Al Majma’ Journal.


by email, to be sent to one member of the Steering Committee:

Or to the Faculty secretary Mrs. Hoda Shukri:


برنامج مؤتمر أدب الأطفال الإشكالات
برنامج مؤتمر أدب الأطفال الإشكالات
برنامج مؤتمر أدب الأطفال الإشكالات