History of Islamic Sciences


Panel Opening
Opening word:
- Prof. Sobhi Rayan-AL-Qasemi Academy
Words of Welcome
- Prof. Anwar Rayan-AL-Qasemi Academy
- Dr. Ibrahim Yiha- Triangle Research& Development
- Dr. Qutaiba Egbaria-AL-Qasemi Academy
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Panel Session 1
Chair: Dr. Mohammad Yiha
- Zakaria Mohammad: pre-Islamic Arabic Inscriptions.
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Panel Session 2
Chair: Dr. Juhaina. A. Shahbari
- Lina Jabale: Manuscripts: Introduction in Codicology and Paleography.
- Dr. Raed Saabne: Machine Learning attitude for Scientific Arabic Heritage Revision.
- Prof. Omar Hamdan: The Hijazi-ductus in the light of the Quranic orthography: Characteristics and phenomena.
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Panel Session 3
Chair: Dr. Nader Masarwah
- Dr. Mahmud Diab: Fingerprints Arabic Chemistry in modern Chemistry.
- Dr. Mohammad Yehia: Arabic Technology: Water rising Machine as example.
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Panel Session 4
Chair: Dr. Mahmud Masalha
- Yusef Awabdi - Theoretical Science versus empirical science in the tenth century AD: Al-Ala bin Sahl and Al-Hassan bin Al-Haytham on studying the phenomenon of refraction of light.
- Dr. Avi Golan - Are Al Jazeera's Machines Built? A critical reading of the knowledge book of marvelous mechanical devices.
- Dr. Aouni Masarweh - the evolution of astronomical calculations and their role in renewing the jurisprudence in the matter of legal vision to prove the lunar months.
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