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The Climate Change Crisis and its Environmental Repercussions

Dr. Sare Asli

“The Climate Change Crisis and its Environmental Repercussions” is an afternoon workshop session that took place during the international conference “The Climate Change Crisis and Ways of Adapting” at Al-Qasemi Academy. This workshop session was organized, chaired, and facilitated by Dr. Sare Asli – lecturer, researcher, and head of the Scientific Education Institute. It involved local, regional, and international participantsincluding Professor Noga Kronfeld-Schor – Principal Scientist at the Ministry of Environmental Protection – who started the session with her lecture, “Adapting to Climate Change and Mapping Environmental Vulnerability Through the Use of Government Applications.” Professor Kronfeld-Schor began by introducing the recent updates on the climate change crisis and its environmental repercussions on the world before turning to the solutions and ways of adapting to this crisis.

This was followed by a second lecture, “Climate Change and its Effects on Butterflies,” by Dr. Walid Pasha from the Department of Biomedical Science at Al-Najah National University, Palestine. Then, Dr. Sharaf Al-Tardi from the Applied Biology Department at the Polytechnic University, Palestine, presented the third lecture, “Genetic Imprinting Activity of Safflower Plants in Palestine.” This was followed by a fourth lecture titled “The Toxic Effects of Using Treated Wastewater for Plant Irrigation,” which was delivered by Dr. Sare Asli, after which Dr. Giora Ben-Ari from the Institute of Plant Sciences at Volcani Center gave the fifth lecture, titled “The Effect of High Temperatures on the Yield and Quality of Olive Oil.”
One of the most important outcomes from this conference was the transnational and transregional professional and academic partnerships built across multiple levels to tackle issues related to the climate change crisis. It should be noted here that Professor Noga Kronfeld-Schor and Professor Anwar Rayan discussed the potential of building further partnerships between the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Al-Qasemi Academy.
Note: All lectures were broadcast live on the Al-Qasemi Academy Facebook page (with instant translation into Arabic for the lectures delivered in English). You can find the lecture recordings uploaded on the conference’s webpage.